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Voyage Tampa

Catherine Rivadeneyra founded Daisy Daily & Co. at the beginning of the COVID pandemic. She used her skills in SEO and graphic design to offer small “odd-jobs” to local businesses that needed new websites or business cards and eventually took on managing her first social media account for a local hair salon. Thus, Daisy Daily & Co. was born!

Word of mouth continued to spread, and as her client base grew, the need for some help in her one-woman show arose. Enter Julia! Julia was a recently graduated college student in North Carolina who had intentions to move to Florida to pursue a career in Marketing. After a few months in an Intern position, Catherine hired Julia full-time, and Julia has since been promoted to CMO of Daisy Daily & Co.!” – Voyage Tampa Magazine, full article here.


In this video, Cat of Daisy Daily & Co. shares what she does as a Social Media Manager, how she got started, and her advice for women getting into the field. If you love social media and being creative and you’re dreaming of a life on the road, this video is for you! This video is part of our Women Working on the Road series. This series is designed to help you get on the road by giving you ideas for ways you can support yourself while traveling.” – Jonie with Galavan Adventures, watch the full video here.

Canvas Rebel

“How’d you meet your business partner?
I met my business partner after posting about the job on . I had a week of interviews where I was getting on calls back to back and feeling a little hopeless because I hadn’t found the right combination of skills and personality. After my first phone call with Julia Morris I knew I had found my person. She was the left brain to my right brain and I knew that by combining our skills we would be unstoppable!

It also helped that we got along great. I thought to myself is this a person that I could spend 40 hrs a week with, go on business trips with, and have to represent the company, and the answer to all those questions was yes! Personally, I think that has been the best decision for the business I have made so far.” –  Canvas Rebel Magazine, see full article here.

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