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We are Daisy Daily & Co., we specialize in organic growth through Social Media Management using authentic engagement, captivating content, and keeping up with current trends so you don’t have to.

Our other services include: WordPress Web Design, E-Commerce Digital Branding, & Stationary Marketing Material.

HQ: Tampa, FL
Business in: Tampa / St. Pete, FL, and Los Angeles, CA

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You take care of the business. we’ll take care of your socials.
This is what we’ll do for you:

Organic Growth

Organic social media is an effective strategy to grow your social channels provided you’re ready to think outside the box to engage with your audience.

By growing your account organically and consistently engaging with your target audiences, you can reap lots of rewards, such as increasing your brand loyalty, improving customer care, boosting your SEO, and much more.

Captivating Content

When it comes to driving leads organically through social media, it is critical that your content is super specific and targeted to your ideal audience.

Once you have identified your target audience and can speak to them through your content, they are way more likely to show interest in your product of service.


Authentic Engagement

One of the best ways to drive organic growth on social media is to be very present, post a lot and engage with your followers. Ask questions, comment back, like comments, and be omnipresent.

Social media is all about authentic engagement and timing. Bringing a bit of humor to the conversation helps to be more authentic.

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