1. Get Featured Locally First

There are a ton of small businesses that write about local talent. Find a company or magazine with less than 10k followers on Instagram and reach out to them until you get your first feature!

2. Who Do You Ask?

Most magazines will have a clear Featured section and contact form. If they don’t then your best bet is to CALL and ask “who should I email about getting …. featured?”. You’ll might have to call around, the bigger the magazine the harder it can be to get to your connect.

3. Don’t Send a Pre-Written Feature

Magazines have their own style guide, words they use and do not use and are extremely likely to ask you to rewrite. Instead, send samples of your work and tell them that you are happy to use their style guide when submitting the finished piece.

4. Avoid Pitching For the Upcoming Season

Most editorials get posted 6+ months in advance! So don’t shoot yourself in the foot by branding your feature as a seasonal piece.

5. Answer These Questions Upfront

Can you provide high resolution images? How long will it will take you to write the final piece? Do you expect to be paid? Send a detailed draft & remember to follow up!